At West Los Angeles Japanese SDA Church, we believe in the importance of the study of God's Word.  As a community of believers we study the written word of God that we may not only receive knowledge of the Bible but also to come to a deeper understanding of God's character and grace.  This we believe, further enables us to grow even more as members of the body of Christ.  

The members share in the privilege of leading the Sabbath School Lessons and are deeply blessed by the close and intimate discussions that come from the time spent together in study.  Our congregation in West LA is a multicultural group with members from various countries and backgrounds, that all share in the joy of a relationship with God and our mutual desire to praise and worship Him.

Studies are held in both the Japanese and English languages.  We extend an invitation for you to come to our church and to enjoy a time together with us.

 For more information on our church services please contact a member of our Pastoral Staff or visit us at our church on Sabbath mornings between the hours of 10am - 1pm.  For information regarding Sabbath School Lessons, we encourage you to visit the website of our Worldwide Church and download a PDF of the current lesson from the Sabbath School Quarterly

Many Blessings to you and we hope to see you soon!